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Who We Are

THE CARPENTER CRAWFORD LEGAL TEAM helps families solve current problems and prevent potential future problems. Attorneys Mona L. Carpenter, Esq. and Shanell K. Crawford, Esq. have more than 35 years experience combined and have been practicing together every day for more than 15 years. They excel in guiding their clients to resolution of problems that appear overwhelming. Their motto is “every problem has a solution.”


THE CARPENTER CRAWFORD LEGAL TEAM is dedicated to helping their clients make the best financial and legal decisions that will accomplish their goals and secure the well being of their families. They can also assist with family protection, wealth preservation, and values based planning, which includes strategies for unmarried couples and divorced individuals.

Whether you are married or single, with a traditional family or a blended one, new to estate planning for your family or needing to make updates to an existing plan, THE CARPENTER CRAWFORD LEGAL TEAM will help!


THE CARPENTER CRAWFORD LEGAL TEAM’s plans are designed to take the stress out of the probate process for families. By engaging THE CARPENTER CRAWFORD LEGAL TEAM for estate planning, you have not only elevated your family to A-rated legal services, but you have given them a gift that will keep on giving.


Should your family require estate planning or counseling in matters related to: Tax, Bankruptcy or Real Estate, THE CARPENTER CRAWFORD LEGAL TEAM will find the solutions you need.

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